Strategic Partnerships

Banks & Depository Institutions

We formed ES Group with the intent to be different. The majority of the Qualified Intermediary industry forces you to utilize their banking relationship. Whether it is a title company forcing you to use their escrow or operating account, or a qualified intermediary that has only one banking relationship for ease of use, it is the client that suffers. While we acknowledge one banking relationship may make our lives easier, we also realize that is not what our clients prefer. We have built our business in partnering with depository institutions such as banks and credit unions in providing their clients with services usually only offered by few West Coast large banks and title insurance companies. If you are a client seeking to use a bank you are comfortable with, or a banker looking to get into this business we want your input. Please click on the Contact Us section of our website.

Non Bank Alliances:

Estate Planning Attorneys
Institutional Client CPAs
Private Client CPAs
  • Terry O’Connor & Carl Desmerais
Self-Directed IRA Companies
Reverse and Improvement Exchanges
  • Stan Freeman, Exchange Strategies Corporation (“ExStra”)
Cost Segregation
Aircraft Attorneys
Commercial Real Estate Attorneys
Tax Attorneys
Title Companies
Property and Casualty Insurance
Property Management

Commercial Real Estate Finance

We Offer Premium Exchange Services

ES Group provides guidance, information and critical timelines throughout the entire exchange.